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Legacy Towers Gulfport, MS

Vacation Rental Available and Can Also be Booked by VRBO

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Legacy Condo Unit 706 with Balcony Overlooking the Ocean. Located in Gulfport, MS. Near beach, ocean, casinos, fishing and golf. Make this your number one choice for lodging in the Biloxi, MS area!


Stoneview Summit Lake Martin Dadeville, AL

Condo Vacation Rental - Can be Booked Through VRBO

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Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products - FREE DELIVERY!


From Warehouses located Coast to Coast


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Biz4USA, Inc. Corporate Website Page

Biz4USA, Inc. Corporate Website Page
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Jul 18, 2015

Biz4USA, Inc. - Our Corporate Page

Bob Singleton, Owner

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Why Should You Shop with Us?

You will be able to shop for a variety of products, presents, gifts, and services from a brand you can trust. Bob Singleton is the owner and president of Biz4USA, Inc.and former owner of Supply Express. Even though we are not "Big Store", we feel that we have competitive priced items. Plus products ordered through our site are normally delivered the next day, if your order is received by 12:00 noon ET.

Unlike some sites that offer "loss leaders", we try to give fair prices for all items. We may not always be the lowest but all our prices are fair and we are definitely at the top when it comes to service. I named my company that was sold "Supply Express" meaning we gave fast and excellent service. "I've Been Spoiling my Customers Since 1986"

We personally process all orders from and your credit card is processed by our personal merchant account.

Other products and services are processed through our vendor affiliates. We receive a small commission for the affiliated links on those sites. Even though we are not directly responsible for order processing through our affiliates, we would certainly appreciate any feedback as to good service or problems.

Disclaimer: At times, affiliated companies, may make a change to their terms and conditions which may not be reflected on our website in real time.

Contact Bob with any suggestions or problems at:

You can contact also Bob by mail at: 44 Stoneview Summit Ct. Unit 4305, Dadeville, AL 36853

This is our Presents and Gift Site - You also might buy yourself a Present!

Find all types of presents and gifts and personal items at - This is an affiliate site and the products are shipped and billed through our vendors.


All Types of Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products with quick delivery from a location near you. Most orders are delivered by the next day if your order is placed by noon from one of the following locations:

Atlanta Ga, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Charlotte NC, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Detroit MI, Edison NJ, Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Kansas City KS, Los Angeles CA, Memphis TN, Miami FL, Minneapolis MN, Nashville TN, New Orleans LA, Oaks PA, Orlando FL, Phoenix AZ, Pittsburgh PA, Portland OR, Raleigh NC, San Antonio TX, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, St. Louis MO, Tampa FL

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